sanghaindiaThe Sangha is one of the Three Jewels of Buddhism. It is the wider community of those who try to practice the teachings of the Buddha at any level of attainment. In the truer sense it is the community of those who have attained genuine spiritual insight. It is in this sense that the Sangha is one of the Three Jewels. The wider sangha is there to support those with spiritual aspiration, to encourage, give inspiration and friendship. We meet in this spirit on our Sangha evenings. We meet to meditate, to study and just be together as friends. Sangha evening is open to all who want to come and engage in a meditation and discussion.

We also meet to celebrate the festivals of Buddhism. Festivals usually begin with a shared meal at the centre. This is then followed by a talk or ritual. There is a strong element of devotion in Buddhism and we express this on these festival days. Each of these celebrates an important event in the Buddha s life.


Buddha Day . The day of Buddhas Enlightenment when Siddharta Gotama attained Enlightenment.

Dharma day .The first time the Buddha began to teach.

Sangha Day. The Sangha in the wider sense rejoicing in the friendship and support which the Sangha gives.

Parinirvana day The celebration or remembrance of the Buddha’s death or parinirvana- this means final entry into nirvana. We reflect on impermanence and on our own experience of loss.