stupasandmantras_sta40549We go on a retreat to get a way from our usual routine and to give our time to meditation and other Buddhist practices. Retreats are not solemn or serious affairs. They can be very enjoyable and delightful experiences. A retreat can be spent with others of like mind or even on ones own. Retreats with the Liverpool Buddhist Centre are held over a weekend in the country side. We may follow a particular Buddhist theme and explore it together. The consequence of a retreat is that we enter more deeply in the practice of meditation and the Buddha’s teaching. This can be very rewarding satisfying and invigorating.




A typical programme might be:

Meditating at 7.30 am
Breakfast at 9.00 am
Discussion or talk or meditation 10.30-1.00pm
Afternoon free to relax and go for walks.
Evening meal 6.00pm
Evening meditation or Ritual





There is plenty of time to get to know each other on the retreat. At the Liverpool Buddhist centre, we run regular W/E retreats in the country side.