sanga3friends2Meditation is a method of changing your mind, of cultivating and encouraging awareness and changing the way you think and respond to your experience. Meditation is a method which develops more open, aware, relaxed and kinder attitudes to yourself and others.

At the Liverpool Buddhist Centre we introduce you to two meditation practices which develope these more open and clear states of awareness. These meditation practices are, the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Mettabhavana ( the development of loving kindness).

These meditations compliment each other in the qualities they develop The Mindfulness of Breathing develops clarity of mind ,awareness and contentment, the Mettabhavana, friendliness and an open responsive attitude to others.

Each meditation practice develops a deeper awareness of ourselves and others. It is important to realise that any one can meditate. All you need is the desire to meditate and the enthusiasm to practice.

We emphasise the practical nature of the meditations and we presume no previous experience at all. All the classes are led by an experienced meditator. Please see the Calendar of Events for the dates of courses. We occasionally run meditation weekends and these give a more concentrated introduction for those for those who cannot commit themselves to a 6 or 7 week course.