buddhahandsBuddhism is a living spiritual tradition which has direct relevance to the way we live our lives now.It shows and teaches ways of developing confidence, energy, contentment and friendliness and kindness to others.

There are many Buddhist schools and traditions of practice. All recognise the Buddha as a spiritual teacher who attained enlightenment and then taught the path for others to follow and practice.

Following this path with sufficient dedication and effort will lead to attaining what the Buddha attained.

At the Liverpool Buddhist Centre we introduce a number of the central teachings of the Buddha . These are the core teachings of the Buddha which can be found in the many different Buddhist traditions;

  • The Three Jewels
  • The Four Noble Truths;
  • The Noble Eight Fold Path

Our introductory courses do not assume any previous knowledge of Buddhism. We relate the teachings of the Buddha directly to the way we live our day to day lives in the West in the 21st Century. The courses run for six or seven weeks Each course follows a particular aspect of the Buddha’s teaching .There is ample opportunity for questions and discussion. Each course introduces one meditation practice. See calendar of events for the dates of courses.