Welcome to the Liverpool Buddhist Centre

vajrasattvaThe Liverpool Buddhist Centre provides teaching for those who want to try Meditation and who want be introduced to the central teachings and practices of Buddhism. There are also opportunities to take these practices to a deeper level and establish more regular and sustained Buddhist Practice. In the courses we introduce the central Buddhist teachings and practices. These teachings can make a significant difference to ones life. The courses are open to all of whatever faith or belief. Or those with no religious faith or belief at all

We are based at our new, central location Melbourne Buildings, 21 North John Street, Liverpool, L2 5QU where we have a weekly Sangha evening for those with some experience of Meditation and Buddhism. We run regular courses throughout the year .

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The Liverpool Buddhist Centre is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community ( formerly the FWBO). It is an international Buddhist movement which began in the 1960's in England. It was established by an Englishman Sangharakshita who at that time was a Buddhist monk of over 20 years experience. The movement has since spread to many other countries in Europe, the Americas, to India , Australia and New Zealand.

Future Events

 A New  6 Week Meditation course will begin Saturday 9 January 2.00pm-4.15pm

 This will be an on line Zoom course hosted at the Buddhist Centre

An opportunity to cultivate ones inherent capacity for awareness and wisdom. A six week course exploring and developing tried and tested methods of Buddhist meditation practice. These methods help to reduce anxiety, increase happiness and allow us to relate to our experience and that of others with increased sensitivity, awareness and compassion.

Each week we will look at some key Buddhist ideas and practical tools for working directly with our minds to cultivate positive mental states and strategies for reducing suffering.

Saturday afternoons 14:00-16:15 starting the 9th jan for six weeks.

Please email liverpoolbuddhistcentre@gmail.com to register your interest and we will email you with the zoom link for the course.

This course is offered in the spirit of generosity.

We suggest a donation of £50. However please give as little or as much as you can afford. Do not let inability to pay stop you doing the course.


Any Payment will be via our Paypal donate button on the Home Page (at the bottom of the What's new column) or by BACS - we will send our bank details with the Zoom Link.

Do not use 'How to bookpage'


Our activities at the Centre will be limited to Zoom meetings during this period.


If you wish to attend  these Tuesday evening Zoom Sangha meetings please contact us via our email liverpoolbuddhistcentre@gmail.com.


Liverpool Buddhist Centre

Melbourne Buildings, 21 North John Street, Liverpool L2 5 QU in the centre of Liverpool.

The ENTRANCE to centre is by the door to the right of the SHIRAZ Turkish Restaurant.

In the foyer press the intercom and then get the lift to the second floor.


 Contact Details

Please contact liverpoolbuddhistcentre@gmail.com  to enquire or book for these events.

Mobile number. 07932 926 410 please leave a message.