Welcome to the Liverpool Buddhist Centre

3007vajrasa4webpage150711The Liverpool Buddhist Centre provides teaching for those who want to try Meditation and who want be introduced to the central teachings and practices of Buddhism. There are also opportunities to take these practices to a deeper level and establish more regular and sustained Buddhist Practice. In the courses we introduce the central Buddhist teachings and practices. These teachings can make a significant difference to ones life. The courses are open to all of whatever faith or belief. Or those with no religious faith or belief at all.

We are based at 66 Rodney Street where we have a weekly Sangha evening for those with some experience of Meditation and Buddhism. We run regular courses throughout the year .

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The Liverpool Buddhist Centre is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community ( formerly the FWBO). It is an international Buddhist movement which began in the 1960's in England. It was established by an Englishman Sangharakshita who at that time was a Buddhist monk of over 20 years experience. The movement has since spread to many other countries in Europe, the Americas, to India , Australia and New Zealand.

Future Events

New Winter course at the Liverpool Buddhist Centre

We plan to have a new 6 week  Buddhism course starting on Thursday evening 7-9pm

9th November 2017.

We will teach Buddhist meditation and its part in Buddhist practice.

We will explore Buddhist teachings, ethical practice and spiritual insight.
In the meditation teaching will introduce the mindfulness of breathing practice and the meditation on kind awareness (also known as the mettabhavana).

We teach through practice and discussion in a friendly and open atmosphere.

The course will be led by Sumnadipa and other experienced meditators in support.

Please note that the centre is funded entirely through voluntaty contributions.

Please book by contacting Sumnadipa@gmail.com or liverpoolbuddhistcentre@gmail.com

The fee for the course will £60 waged/£30 concessions

 Sangha evening

Our weekly Sangha evenings continue on each Tuesday. These are devoted to meditation and Buddhist teachings for those with more experience.These evenings start at 7.00pm and finish at 8.45pm.

Our current theme is exploring the Buddha's teaching on the Mindfulness of Breathing. We are doing this through meditation practice and practical teachings on meditation. Our approach is based on the the four foundations of mindfulness; on the body, on sensations, on mental states and on wisdom.

 The Sangha evening is suitable for those with some experience of meditation and Buddhism. Please contact Buddhashanti  or Sumnadipa if you wish to attend the Sangha evening.

Please contact liverpoolbuddhistcentre@gmail.com  to book for these events.

tel. 0161 281 2291  m. 07501 364 428


 All our events take place at our centre at 66 Rodney Street in the centre of Liverpool.